Why Low Wagering No Deposit Casino Bonuses Top Other Promotions

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If you have been in the online gambling world for a while, you are familiar with new player promotion packages. If you have been to many sites, you have undoubtedly been impressed by some new player promos, and disappointed by others. You could be on the hunt for a new online casino right now, burned one too many times.

There are many new player casino bonuses out there, but we imagine no deposit casino bonuses are always the first to catch your eye. Unfortunately, sites boasting no deposit casino bonuses often mislead their new players. Maybe you are on the verge of throwing in the towel or just sticking with whatever online casino has not bled you dry. Instead, take our advice and look for low wagering requirements. Low wagering no deposit casino bonuses solve many of the problems you are experiencing as you hop from site to site. The answer to your new player promotion woes is low wagering requirements, and we are here to tell you all about them.

What Are No Deposit Bonuses?

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Before the importance of low wagering bonuses can be understood, we must discuss what a no deposit bonus is. No deposit casino bonuses are promotions in which no initial deposit is necessary upon account set up. Instead, the house gifts its new players a sum to be used on whatever casino games they want, albeit within certain parameters. This is an incredibly popular bonus type, because gamblers like being able to test a casino out before fully committing to it as a member. What better way to get the lay of the land then by using free house funds? You can try out slots and progressive jackpots, as well as online versions of traditional casino card games, before making your first deposit. If the online casino is a winner, you won't mind investing your own money into your gameplay when the time comes. If not, you will have only lost time, and your bank account will thank you.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

As we said earlier, this type of bonus deal is one of the most popular among players. It offers them the excitement of a gambling site without the need of spending a single dollar. It comes in various types, and each one of them is rewarding in their own way.

The most frequent one is the no deposit Free Spins Bonus. Slot players love this deal, as it gives them extra games which can lead to additional winnings. The online casino offers a batch of free spins that can be found at the welcome bonus, or in some of the daily or weekly promotions.

If a certain player doesn't want to be rewarded with an incentive meant strictly for slot games, in this scenario the Free Cash Bonus comes in handy. The casino offers a small amount of money for casino players to use them on different gaming options, such as live dealer games and table games.

Some online casinos offer a no deposit offer in the form of Free Play Bonus. Players receive a large amount of money to try out specific gaming options and a limited period of time to do that. Even though the winnings can't be cashed out, it's a splendid way of casino introduction.

Players can find each one of these no deposit offers at some of the highest-ranked casinos on the market and win big. No deposit offers are the most popular choice among players, so make sure to make most of it by reading the bonus terms and conditions.

Characteristics of No Deposit Casino Bonuses

No deposit casino bonuses sit among match deposit and free spin bonuses as one of the most common new player promotions in the industry. When searching for the best no deposit bonus, low wagering or not, you will want to be able to adequately judge your bonus based on certain characteristics.

The dollar amount the house gives in a no deposit casino bonus is important. These bonuses can be between $10 to $200, and some casinos advertise much higher bonuses. At face value, the highest no deposit bonuses are the best ones to playthrough. You are better off going for low wagering no deposit bonuses that are under $200 at least. Taken a bit further, we suggest you go for the ones under $50. The higher the bonus, the more playthrough requirements will be attached to it. You are less likely to get a low wagering amount for your high no deposit casino bonus. The low wagering no deposit bonus gives you a better chance of taking home cash, while higher bonuses will be very difficult to clear. Remember, higher is not always better.

Gamblers should also be aware of free spins attached to no deposit promos. No deposit casino bonuses often include free spins to create one larger package. The way free spins are utilized with these bonuses is different from casino to casino. Sometimes the free spins are an addition to your low wagering no deposit gift. Sometimes the money won from free spins is used as the initial deposit. Which kind of no deposit free spin bonus you want depends on your expectations in a gambling site. For the average casino-goer, winning and pocketing money eventually should be part of the deal. You could come up short if you try to clear the wrong no deposit casino bonus with free spins.

One more attribute of no deposit casino bonuses you should be wary of--time limits. Imagine finding a low wagering $100 no deposit bonus with 200 free spins attached. This is a fine bonus that might excite you. However, 200 free spins are great until you have to use them up in a couple of hours to just 24 hours. Unless you are a frequent gambler with no other day-to-day responsibilities, this bonus could become more annoying than fun. A low wagering condition may not salvage your enjoyment in this case, either. Decide what matters most to you, including the amount, the free spins included, and the time limits. Read those terms and conditions so you can make the best choice.

Pros and Cons of These Promos

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Under the best circumstances, no deposit casino bonuses have pros and cons. Ultimately, you have to know what you want in a new player promotion package. Newbie gamblers reading this are hopefully going to come away from this guide with a clear idea of what to look for in a low wagering no deposit bonus. Gamblers that have been to several sites--who have left some of them frustrated with abysmal returns--will hopefully understand where they went wrong.

Starting with cons, no deposit casino bonuses seem like unconditional free money but that is not the case. The credit, no matter how high, can only be used on the game selection at the casino. You cannot just make an account for a $300 no deposit bonus, play a few rounds of blackjack, and withdraw the rest. If you could, many casinos would go under; New players would constantly take the money after a few games and run away with it. We will explain wagering requirements in depth in a bit, but such stipulations and more are the main reason why your "free" money is not entirely free. Of course, gamblers who are truly in it for the gambling won't mind.

Another con would be the size of the bonus vs the number of requirements vs the time limit issues we mentioned earlier. Any or all of these no deposit bonus characteristics could make a glossy promotion more trouble than it's worth to claim. For example, a $500 no deposit bonus with 120 free spins, a 100x wagering requirement, and a 24-hour time limit could turn even the riskiest gambler's stomach. On the contrary, a $50 no deposit bonus, plus 50 free spins and a 7 day time-limit, is a much better promotion.

The good news is, with an understanding of everything we have discussed you will develop a critical eye for too-good-to-be-true no deposit bonuses. Fortunately for gamblers, trustworthy casinos with good reputations and realistic bonuses outnumber the ones likely to advertise bad bonuses. This means the general purpose of no deposit casino bonuses--to provide customers with a risk-free or limited-risk online Las Vegas experience in hopes of keeping said customers after a satisfactory built-in trial period--is still continuously fulfilled. In short, if you want to save money and have some no-pressure fun spinning those reels, low wagering no deposit bonuses are absolutely the best option for you.

Low Wagering No Deposit Casino Bonuses: Wagering Requirements Explained

No deposit casino bonuses can be low wagering, high wagering, or somewhere in the middle. There are even the occasional no wagering bonuses out there. Low wagering bonuses are significant because they give new players a better chance at clearing bonuses with something to withdraw. What, then, are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements, also known as rollover obligations and playthrough policies, are a rule or set of rules that refer to the number of times a casino bonus must be wagered, rolled over, or played through, before any winnings can be withdrawn. Remember what we said about the inability of players to just take the bonus and run? Well, this is the primary reason why. Those wagering requirements keep the money given to new players connected to and cycled through the casino. This keeps casinos from going bankrupt.

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Wagering requirements are a smart business tactic, but how do players benefit from their bonus despite these requirements? This depends on if a bonus is low wagering. Many no deposit bonuses have around 50x wagering requirements, which we consider an average amount. However, some casino bonuses must be rolled over up to 100x before a new member can pocket what they have won. Unfortunately for the gambler stuck with this obligation, a wagering requirement that high is next to impossible to overcome. Your chances of losing anything you've won are high after 50 bets, let alone 100.

For these reasons, we highly recommend you seek out low wagering no deposit bonuses. Low wagering requirements are typically 10x to 30x. Bonuses with mandatory wager numbers this low foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the player and the house. The player's chances of winning and pocketing cash are much better with low wagering bonuses, and the house gets to keep its edge and thrive.

Final Thoughts

We cannot recommend low wagering no deposit casino bonuses enough to eager gamblers. You get the best possible no deposit promotional package with low wagering requirements. If you take care to read the terms and conditions of your bonus, you will be sure to reap the benefits. If you come across a low wagering no deposit bonus, don't hesitate to give it a spin.