Best Promos for Existing Casino Players

Existing Player Casino Promos

Though it is usually the eye-catching welcome bonuses that persuade us to join a particular casino, ongoing bonuses are where the real value lies. It is not as easy to find these existing player promos, but it is always worth looking around for them.

To help you choose a casino with better long term value, we will list the common types of existing player bonus below. This should make it easier to find the more generous operators and allow you to reap the longer-term benefits.

Loyalty Bonuses

Existing Player Casino Promos

The first promo to look out for is the loyalty scheme. These usually have low qualifying barriers (i.e wager $50 in a month). Reaching this qualifying mark will make you eligible for a small promo of around $10.

Though this isn't a huge amount, it is essentially guaranteed free cash each month. Particularly for lower staking users, this represents a good return.

VIP Bonuses

Existing Player Casino Promos

For those who regularly wager large amounts, you will be more interested in the existence of a VIP rewards scheme. The amount needed to qualify as a VIP varies between operators, but you can expect this to mean wagering >$1,000 a month. Rewards also vary, from huge promo offers, to gifts and special access to new games.

A lot of operators don't have formal VIP programs and you may need to contact them if you believe you qualify. Most should contact you, but it is always worth checking the terms to see if there is a formal VIP program.

Money Back & Reload Offers

Money back offers are another great way for existing customers to get rewarded for doing what they enjoy. These offers provide the opportunity to claim back a certain percentage of losses, within a set period. For example, an operator may put on a money-back week in which 20% of all losses are given back to users at the end of the week.

Similarly, reload offers provide a bankroll boost to help prolong your playtime. Essentially deposit match offers, reload bonuses are designed to encourage customers to stick with a specific casino. By ensuring customers always have money in their wallet, it is more likely they will return - a win-win for both parties.

Free Cash / Free Spins

Though more common for new players, existing players can also benefit from free cash/free spins offers. This is particularly the case when a casino is promoting a new slot game.

The most likely casinos to offer this type of promo, are those which have a lot of exclusive slots on site. It is worth considering this, if you're a fan of trying the latest slots.