Winning Free Casino Money - A 'How To' Guide

"500% deposit match up to $2,000!". We've all been there. Claiming an eye watering promo, only to end up with nothing at the end of it. This often leads people to question whether these promos are even worth claiming.

Of course we believe the answer is absolutely yes, however not all bonuses are equal. There are a number of factors to look out for, when it comes to winning free casino money. Below we will detail these factors, so you can generate the most profit from your bonuses.

Wagering Requirements

How to Win Free Casino Money

This is the factor that should be at the front of everyone's mind, when claiming a free casino money offer. These requirements set out the number of times a bonus amount must be played through, before any winnings can be withdrawn.

Typical wagering requirements will be between 30-40x the bonus amount. This means for a $100 bonus, any winnings must be played through until $3,000-$4,000 has been wagered. Once this amount has been reached, any remaining winnings can be withdrawn.

This requirement acts as a safety net for operators, to limit their potential losses. Whilst this is totally acceptable, players should be aware of wagering requirements higher than 40x - as these will be very difficult to complete.

Bet Limits

How to Win Free Casino Money

Bet limits are another way an operator can limit its potential losses. These limits specify only a certain percentage of a promo amount can be placed at once.

Usually around 20% of the full bonus amount, failure to comply with this rule can result in bonuses being cancelled. Placing larger bets provides the opportunity to win higher amounts of free casino money, but it is vital not to breach the bet limit.

Game Limitations

Some players like to look on the bright side and think playing their favourite games is the best way to use a bonus - as win or lose, they maximise the entertainment value. However, exclusively playing your favourite games may actually be working against you, when it comes to winning free casino money.

Knowing that some game types will have higher payouts than others, operators will often outline how much each game type will contribute to wagering requirements. This could mean some of your favourite games do not contribute at all to wagering requirements, whilst others may contribute as little as 10%.


How to Win Free Casino Money

One way to potentially bypass the above factors, is through game volatility. This means selecting games with a high amount of variance. Of course, this means there will be periods where a game pays out nothing - but if you play long enough, or just get lucky, you could win big.

A big win then makes it easier to complete wagering requirements, and high volatility also offsets smaller bet limits. This isn't easy, of course, as it takes either a degree of trial and error or just plain luck. However, this is one way you could maximise the possibility of winning free casino money.